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Concentration - the Memory Games

A memory game that combines tradition and innovation. Animated card faces and sound cards. Computer
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5 December 2009

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Playing computer games is a very good way of passing one’s leisure time and all of us enjoy playing them. They are great fun and quite thrilling as they lead us through a series of adventures and exciting events. But if you can get a game that you will not only enjoy playing but which will also improve your memory and increase your level of concentration; then nothing can be better than that isn’t it? Well now you can have all these and more with the amazing Concentration - the Memory Games 5.0. This game is a great combination of innovation and tradition and has been specially designed to improve your memory as you play it. Thus by playing this game you can not only have fun, but also recharge your grey cells while exercising your brains.

The interface of Concentration is very dynamic and contains all the relevant tabs at the top that will guide you to play the game smoothly. This game is played by a single player and he will face a number of opponents who can be human or computer. The mobile and teleporting cards will offer you challenges and when you have to change the unmatching cards, you will have to do some serious brainstorming. And there is also the joker and the extra bonus match card that will spice up this game and you will really love playing it. You can also choose the duel game mode and play with your opponents. In short this game gives a wide range of options to choose from and thus it is worth playing.

This game is quite interesting and also improves your memory which is an added advantage as a good memory is a great asset. Concentration - the Memory Games 5.01 thus gets a rating of four points for its utility value and fun quotient.

Publisher's description

Concentration - the Memory Games is a full featured memory game of the card pair flipping style that combines tradition and innovation.
Played by a single player against the clock and high score table, or against human or computer opponents, improves memory and concentration during the game. Includes tournament play for the persistent player and statistics for the scientific one.
See how randomly moving and teleporting cards challenge you. Believe us, extreme teleport is really extreme and the 'change unmatching pairs' option will quiz your concentrating mind for sure. Joker card and an extra bonus match card flavor the game play, just as "gravity" does. Try the Duel game mode to play concentration the new way against an opponent.
Download self-installing true color card sets. Match identical sounds or images and cards with animated faces. Play in associative mode to match images that are related or to match card images to descriptions. Play with pairs that consist of two, three or four identical cards on boards that range from small to enormous (40 pairs).
Customize Concentration - the Memory Games to your taste. Change automatic card flip delay or flip the cards yourself, select animations or race against the clock without them. Play stress-free if you want to. Configure your board layout, if you have a large desktop, use it by maximizing the game window. Be "messy" if you want to. Play on full screen. Save your settings just in case your family finds your copy of Concentration - the Memory Games as well. And finally, don't forget to have fun.
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For a registration price of US$15 registered users have the following benefits: Branding with user's name, free license for future versions, nag screen removal, enhanced boss key feature, use of shareware card sets, automatic blog update notification.
Concentration - the Memory Games
Concentration - the Memory Games
Version 5.01
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